I was originally going to have one page for this, like I did with the Saiyuki Rewatch, but I had far, far too many thoughts to fit into one page. I'm still organizing my thoughts on this. I'll be making a page for several different themes of what I wanted to talk about. This will be a gradually updated project, as this is all going to take a long time to write. I won't give a schedule on when this will be done. I fail to follow schedules anyway. For now, you can look over the TOC and wonder on what will be in each section. When this does have some pages on it, I'll make a note what parts were added recently.
1. Childhood Perspective: Truths and lies, confessions and confusion. 2. A Clown: But if you ask for the mask, then we're stumbling on through the dark... 3. Fandom: A look back at early exposure to adult fandom culture. 4. On Radicalization: Who's battles are you fighting? 5. On Mental Illness: Discussions of suicide, PTSD, and nonsense 80s/90s psychology. 6. The Boys: Thoughts on each of the pilots. 7. And the Girls: What is strength? What is weakness? What makes a leader? 8. The Tallgeese: Innovation, art, worker's rights, and strong defenses vs penny pinching and automation. 9. The Nature of Fighting: Battles are not always fought with weapons. 10. An Old Man's Game: Doctors with child soldiers, politicians preying on the young with empty promises. 11. Aesthetics: Revolutionary war attire, chivalrous knights, and fairy tale formulas. 12. Adult Perspective: Looking back, changes in focus. 13. Treize Khushrenada: Holding up the mirror.