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This is the Scraps section, where various things will be collected and dumped here. The only theme here is none of the content is mine. This section exists for me to look back on things I don't want to forget. K Project: Gifs, official art, and anything else I want to collect up.
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Picnic at Hanging Rock: Currently just pages of gifs from the 70's film.
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Coast to Coast Trunks Prank: Back-up of a recording I originally found at Temple O'Trunks of a prank caller. Ancient Newgrounds Animations: Some really, really old animations that will probably make you cringe. Pompeii Graffiti: A collection of my favorite translated wall graffiti found in the ancient city. Stolen Art on Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, Temu: Stolen art commonly seen online on cheap items and links to the artists' official pages. Favorite Fonts: A mix of my favorite free and paid fonts I've collected up over the years with links of where to download them.
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Favorite Graphics: Some free and paid graphic resources I've acquired over time, along with where to download them. Links: Some different sites around the web, with many categories. I update this from time to time.
This is the thoughts section. Anything here is by me. Like everything else on this site, the only theme is no theme at all. Desktop Customization: Different wallpapers and Rainmeter set-ups I've had since making this site. Sources for Rainmeters and other things used for customizing is always shared. Listfauxgraphy: Not quite Listography, but pretty similar. Listfauxgraphy Color Schemes: Alternate designs, free to download and customize. My Ambient Mixes: Links to mixes I've made on and 60min downloads, if I've purchased one. Snippets: Page designs, incomplete layouts, partial graphics sets, and other scraps for download and use. Childhood Fears: A list of things I was afraid of once as a young child. Photo Album: An album of some photos I took.
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Night of the Lepus Review: Killer bunnies, childhood fears, and adult perspective. Greenwashing List: Common greenwashing techniques. Updated as I think of more. Colorverse Skyline & Atlanta Ink Review: A review off two different fountain pen inks that were part of a pen show. B Nib Friendly Brands: Ranked from excellent to bad, a collection of notes on how different papers I've tried have faired with B nibs. Pen + Inks Tried: Exactly what it says. A list of all the fountain pens and inks I've tried over the years. Favorite Inks: My personal favorite inks, with photos of what they look like on paper for reference. Fun with Ancestry Data: Results from my Ancestry DNA test and that of some of my family members. Keeping this here to see how it shifts over the years with new updates. Hall of Shame: Wonderful messages from people who help make the web better with their beautiful SEO tactics. He is Bison: In tribute of a memory of a specific Easter.
I made this site to use as a digital commonplace book. If you've been on Neocities a while, you already know who I am. For you youngin's, you can reach my main site and email info via the Listfauxgraphy page. If you need to contact me, do it by email. I rarely check either of my Neocities profile pages. I likely will still be slow to respond to you, so please be patient. I can't really use my phone when I'm at work and I work pretty long hours a lot of days. I'll definitely read your emails though and really don't mind receiving them about anything. I don't even care if you wanna just yell at me for some reason, LOL. Or send me my dumbass, dyslexic typos. That would be pretty convenient. There's nothing you need to know about me that you shouldn't already know. I'm not really a fan of "bios", because I find them to mostly be irrelevant information anyway. Both my websites speak more to my beliefs and personality than any basic bio stats would tell you. My main site used to have a secret bio with generic "bio" info, but I've since deleted it. If you want that sort of thing, you can check my Listfauxgraphy page, but it's still less info than most typical bios these days and I intend to keep it that way. You can call me whatever you want and think what you wat. I don't give a shit. Fonts used on this site are Lofi Lifestyle and Alphabetized Cassette Tapes, both by Brittany Murphy Design. Cactus art from Cactus Valley - Watercolor Collection" by Julia Bodgan. Background image is "Graph Paper" by Subtle Patterns. Cactus icon is from Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Here's some buttons if you wanted to link me for some bizarre reason.