Made some mood themes to use with a private journal I keep on my computer. Originally, I was working from LJ's mood theme set, but as I back-up a lot of my stuff in Lunatask, I switched over to Lunatask's set instead. Because of that, I'm positive zero people will want these, but hey, this site also exists as one of my means of backing up stuff anyway. So, uh, if you thought you were getting something to use on LJ/DW when you clicked on this, sorry.
Migi & Dali Theme
Thought it'd be funny if I could see if I could make a set entirely from post-time skip stuff. Somehow, I made it work, LOL. Really made that fried chicken stretch.
Project Scard Theme
Zero humans on earth outside of me are going to want this. But here it is and you have to see it. Sucks to be you. And if you've never heard of Scard, no it's not good. Don't bother.