This page will be for layouts that have at least some proper mobile compatibility. Layouts that are lacking too much in some area, but are still usable go on the Snippets page, along with other partially complete or tiny resources. Click images for larger versions.
Preview: Oregon Trail Download
Notes: Font included is TT2020 Style E by Fredrick R. Brennan, a free font. There are several other styles of TT2020 available at that link. Background image is a mix of Fabric 1, Gravel, and Vintage Concrete by Subtle Patterns. Artwork by Nami Sano. Works on desktop and mobile, but works much better on desktop. Edit as you see fit.
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Notes: Fonts included are Fafo Sans by Fafo Ferrão and Oferta de Dia by Eduardo Ramalho. Both of these are free fonts, hence why I've included them. Fafo Sans has more versions though, so if you like it, please download it from the Behance link and consider following these designers on Behance. The background is "Light Grey Terrazzo" by Subtle Patterns. Works on desktop and mobile, but the design is much more simplified for mobile. Artwork is by Kazuya Minekura.
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Notes: Font used for the text images is Perfect Moment by Ivan Rosenberg. Font included is Colombia by Sandy Luke. Colombia is a free font. The background is "EP Natural White" by Subtle Patterns. See images for simplified mobile version. Artwork is by Kazuya Minekura.
Preview Late Show Download
Notes: Font included is Pilox by Graphic Deals. I originally purchased this font, but outside of a single site I can't seem to prove was actually uploaded to by the original creators, I cannot find this font for purchase anywhere anymore. It was intentionally removed from the place I purchased it at. I consider this font to be abandoned at this point, hence I will be including it in the download. The background is "Cardboard" by Subtle Patterns. Coffee stains brushes used of the banner were by rainbows-stock on deviantart. This layout includes a version with and without a sidebar. See preview images for how this looks for both desktop and mobile. You don't need to use breaks when writing up pages, unless you want to. If you want to use breaks, don't use the writing div class at all. For the side images as seen in the preview, use div class wrappingimage for left-aligned and wrappingimage2 for right-aligned images. Art by Kazuya Minekura, of course.