On a whim, I decided I wanted a custom start page again after a long time. I'll post screenshots of any I come up with here like I do with the Desktop Customization page.
Artwork: 1. 残夏の窓 by Antiquewhite古白 (Pixiv ID: 1115117) 2. ほどける by ゲン助 (Pixiv ID: 32008) Fonts: 1. Lofi Lifestyle by Brittney Murphy Design 2. Alphabetized Cassette Tapes by Brittney Murphy Design Other Resources: 1. Chalk Textures by Resourceboy 2. Light Rays by spiritsighs 3. Weather Widget by weatherwidget.io Notes: First one of these I've done in a long time. I was just using Momentum for probably over a year now. Widget displays weekly weather info. Links sections expand and collapse open when clicked. The smaller image plays/stops Thunderstorm at the Beach audio, which you can download on the page for tracks made with Ambient-mixer. The track is set to look if left playing. Custom scrollbar made to match the background. Clock, day, and date are in the lower right side. I added a slight shadow to the left side of the image and extended it a bit to fit my screen. LOL, there's a typo in the screenshot. That's obviously fixed.