I used to keep old screenshots of my desktop around, but I've lost them. I'm adding this page so I can look back at old desktop set-ups I've had before. Links for all Rainmeter stuff and other resources will be below each. Click for full size view of the desktop.
Current Desktop
Rainmeters used: 1. Brush by Munanazzal 2. mnmlUI by Khanhas 3. Raw Time by Munanazzal 4. Space Theme by FunkyFocco 5. Ataraxia by Adni18 6. Just a Bin by MixSilemeria 7. FlatScape by Ivaran Fonts used: 1. Moonless SC by Franzi Draws 2. Creamy Garden by Allouse Studio Art used: 1. Both pieces are by Re° (Pixiv ID: 1243903). Brush edits, Wallpaper. Notes: On Raw Time, the font for the time was changed from its default to Creamy Garden. Ataraxia was edited to show less information and the font was changed to Moonless SC. The icon for Just a Bin was changed to an X and the counter info removed. Brush was copied to have two on the desktop. Brush 1 was made functional and opens Firefox. Brush 2 was also made functional and opens Notepad++. The moon of Space Theme was made functional and opens my files. The brush element of Raw Time also launches Fleep when clicked.
Past Desktops
Rainmeters used: 1. Moodboard by Munanazzal 2. Small Clean Weather Animated by zivallh Fonts used: 1. Lofi Lifestyle by Brittany Murphy Design. Free and licensed versions are available of this font. If you can afford it, please support the font maker by purchasing a license. Art used: 1. All art by Re° (Pixiv ID: 1243903). Specific pieces: wallpaper, big photo, medium photo, small photo. Notes: I went really simple with this one. Moodboard was modified to be more functional. Each image, the day+time one included, also functions as the launcher. The big day+time launches Firefox, the big photo launches Notepad++, the medium photo opens up my files, the small photo opens up Fleep, and the flower opens up the Recycling Bin. I obviously changed the fonts to Lofi Lifestyle. Each image has a different degree of transparency applied. Small Clean Weather Animated was edited to rearrange the information in it and change the sizing. The stock used on the sides of the image were ones I had from an old pack passed around online and don't have any proper credit attached. If you recognize the patterns (there's 2 used), let me know the original creator by email, Fleep, or by commenting on my profile.
Rainmeters used: 1. Raw Time 2 by MunaNazzal 2. SimpleSentencesFour/Sun by Eclectic-Tech 3. MiniWeather/Just the Icon by Eclectic-Tech 4. Sizy 0.2/Système by Warzo 5. StickyPic 1.1 by Wrecklaimer 6. Custom Dock by Me (not for download) 7. Just a Bin by MixSilmeria Extra Icons: All from iconsdb, click for individual links. Waste basket, coffee mug, TV, radio, walkie talkie, washer, fan Artwork used: 1. 気をつけないと近くに来てしまう by もの久保 (Pixiv ID: 4545042) 2. Night in the Hills by Dappermouth 3. Traditional Manga Tarot - Queen of Wands by Shou Xueting Stock used: 1. Fence post stock by FrostBo 2. Tileable pergola wood texture by ftourini Windows Theme: ko-Z by Niivu Chrome Theme: ko-Z by Mnmldsgn Notepad++ Theme: DuoTone Dark Earth by Sallar Icon Pack: Lumicons packed by Niivu, originally by Vantler Notes: Dock was made by me with various icons to match with Sizy. Just a Bin was also edited to match with Sizy. StickyPic was edited to be functional. Clicking on each image opens either Steam or Stardew Valley. Other programs used aside from Rainmeter include 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, WinAero Tweaker, Open Shell, OldNewExplorer, Wallpaper Engine, and SecureUxTheme. Taskbar is set to autohide. Wallpaper put together by me in Wallpaper Engine with some editing of art. Not shareable. Dock, Just a Bin, and Sizy set to 80% transparency. Queen of Wands card scanned by me, slightly edited by me prior to scanning because haha, I used to be on Aeclectic so of course I did.
Rainmeters used: 1. Raw Time 3 by MunaNazzal (deleted) 2. BloomingDays/Power by MunaNazzal (deleted) 3. BloomingDays/Menu by MunaNazzal (deleted) 4. BloomingDays/Twitter by MunaNazzal (deleted) 5. Mond/Weather by HipHopium 6. Mond/Clock by HipHopium 7. Just a Bin by MixSilmeria Extra Icons: Ecqlipse 2 pack by Chrfb Artwork used: All are by Re° (Pixiv ID: 1243903) Stock used: 1. Hardwood with lights by Zyklophon 2. Tape stock pack by Danigranger Windows Theme: Nord for Windows 10 by Niivu Icon Pack: Lumicons packed by Niivu, originally by Vantler Fonts Used: 1. Cavorting by Missy Meyer (on Rainmeter) 2. Chocolatier by Sumomoco (Everywhere else) Notes: I added the box to make Just a Bin look like it went with the BloomingDays boxes. The Twitter box was changed to being for mail, which is where the Ecqlipse icon was used. Messed around with the size of the menu, weather, and the clock a bit. Other programs used aside from Rainmeter include 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, WinAero Tweaker, and SecureUxTheme. Taskbar is set to autohide, because I hate looking at the taskbar and never pin anything.
Rainmeters used: 1. Thumby Clock by Murasaki55 2. Thumby Calendar by Murasaki55 3. Spirit/Day by MunaNazzal 4. Spirit/Menu by MunaNazzal 5. Spirit/Note by MunaNazzal Artwork used: K Project official art (should be in my K Project section somewhere) Stock used: 1. Washi tape pack by KinderByuno 2. Cloth texture by ??? (can't find source anymore) Notes: Thumby Clock & Calendar and the cloth texture were recolored by me. I messed around a bit with the menu and notes as well, to get the color and size I wanted.