Colorverse Skyline & Atlanta Glistening Review
This year, 2020, Colorverse made two inks for the Atlanta Pen Show, Skyline and Atlanta Glistening. The event was canceled and several online retailers have been selling the limited edition ink. I got mine through The Nibsmith and Vanness. With it being for Atlanta, I wanted them. Both bottles are 30ml. The shape and packaging is similar to Colorverse's office inks.
Colorverse Skyline
The first one to arrive was through Vanness, Skyline, a light peachy color. This inspiration for this color is pretty obvious. The bottle and box are, as I said, similar to the office series. There's no extras that come with it like the main line big bottles.
How does it look on paper? I tried it on UStyle, Apica, and Ro-Biki. The ink comes down pretty light. It's not too light to be unusable, but might be hard on the eyes if used for really long writing. I think it'd be good for special occassions or to add a little extra color to something. The peachy color is the most peachy I've seen in an ink. Others I've looked at are either too pink or too orange to be a true peach color. I find it most similar to Iroshizuku Kosumosu, but with more orange. There's no sheen or shimmer. It's a pretty soft, pastel ink. It definitely feels very "Georgia". I really like this ink. The ink itself is pretty dry. It's the driest Colorverse ink I've tried, but that has it's own advantages. I don't think it'd be good for use with an F or EF nib. There's some nice shading in this. This ink was easier to come by online. If you like pastel colors, pick up a bottle while they're still available. There was little difference between the different notebooks in how it looked on paper.
I was pretty happy with this ink overall. I'm a little conflicted that I kind of want it to be just a little darker to stand out on paper more, but then it would lose a little of its peachiness. I'm glad I got it.
Colorverse Atlanta Glistening
Same as Skyline, this comes in the standard 30ml packaging for Colorverse, as you can see below. I didn't notice this until after I first inked up one of my TWSBIs, but as you can see, there's a lot of glitter at the bottom of this bottle. I made the mistake of not shaking up the bottle to start with and was pretty disappointed with the ink. I shook up the bottle and reinked the pen, and got much better results the second go around. Atlanta is a much wetter ink than Skyline and took longer to dry, but not a really long time.
The ink is medium blue with a whole lot of gold shimmer. You can see below on the Ro-Biki notebook the difference between not shaking and shaking the ink makes. I used the same three notebooks to test the ink on. The gold stands out so much it makes some of the letters straight up just look gold in the sunlight. I had to angle the paper to catch the shimmering effect. Apica's paper barely caught any of it though. It looks pretty dull on Apica, but looked amazing on UStyle's paper. Ro-Biki was somewhere in the middle, which for recycled paper, is really impressive. Unshaken, Atlanta looks pretty similar to Iroshizuku Asa-gao. In the sunlight, the blue looks medium blue to near black against the gold depending on the angle you look at it from.
Like other shimmering inks, definitely make sure you shake the bottle before inking up your pen and every so often once you have inked it. I don't usually like blues in this shade, but the gold shimmer really made me love this ink. This one was harder to find online. I'm glad I manage to get a bottle. I wish these had come in the bigger bottles, honestly and that they weren't limited edition. Edit: After some sampling, while I haven't found anything exactly the same, Diamine offers to very similar shimmering inks to this one: Shimmering Seas and Blue Flame. I also tried J. Herbin's Bleu Ocean and Diamine's Cobalt Blue, neither of which were good matched. Shimmering Seas has a very similar effect as this ink when in the light, but the two are pretty different otherwise, with Shimmering Seas being a proper blue-black ink. Blue Flame is closer to the base color and has a nice golden shimmer to it, but it doesn't match the intensity of Atlanta's shimmer the way Shimmering Seas does. So, I suppose it comes down to which aspect is more important to you. I think Shimmering Seas matches the spirit of the ink more than Blue Flame, but only just barely, and Blue Flame is the most obviously similar in color. If you were using lower end paper, honestly Blue Flame would probably be the better option for color. I'm not really satisfied with either as being a real replacement for it, so I will keep looking.