Every now and then, I make a little mix on ambient-mixer.com (account here). Sadly, the site doesn't let you embed the mixes you make, so you have to keep a tab open for their site or just buy the tracks if you want to use them offline. Here are some direct links to ones I've made. If I've purchased a version, a download will be displayed below the link. See the original links on ambient-mixer.com for the credits on all the sounds used. If you like some of these and there isn't a 60min download yet that you want for offline use, you want a shorter version, or an edited version, you can purchase your own at ambient-mixer.com. The money helps pay for their server costs. Thunder at the Beach: 60min download An approaching thunderstorm at the beach, no rain. Occasional wind chimes and thunder. Constant cicadas, gentle wind, and calm waves. Foxes in the Woods: Imagine, you're at home on a quiet night working from home. Constant typing, your pet cat purring in your lap, crickets and cicadas, old clock ticking. Occasionally, you hear the foxes out in the woods and the passing train. Summer Storm Studying: Cicadas and frogs, gentle rain and thunder, wind chimes and heater blowing in the background, you typing away. Thunder, Summer, Working: Similar in idea to Summer Storm Studying, but with no rain, chimes, frogs, or heater. Instead, crickets join cicadas, lots of variety of thunder sounds, and some occasional page turning alongside the typing. Packing in the Rain: Shuffling around, folding, pacing back and forth as you get ready for a trip. A calm thunderstorm passes over.