I'm making this page in hopes of diverting people from buying stolen art on AliExpress and Amazon. Lately, Etsy is also getting filled up with AliExpress knockoff items being resold as "vintage" or "original art" by various shops. I've linked the official stores for artists I've been able to track down. Many of the people below sell stationery, and very nice prints and clothes. I've added some pictures of the official products of each artist. I've now started adding stolen art seen on Temu as well. Mizucats Store here. Stolen art is typically seen on AliExpress, usually in sticker packs with other artists or on journals, notebooks, and other paper stationery. Mizucats sells both stickers and stationery, along with shirts and other items.
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Etsy shop here. The creator and artist do not sell this deck anywhere but this Etsy shop. This isn't a mass manufactured deck. It should never be "cheap". This is what started my little journey on making this page.
Re° Pixiv account here. Updates on sales are announced on Pixiv usually. Common to see in sticker packs on AliExpress. A favorite artist of mine. Doesn't frequently sell items. You'll have to keep tabs on that.
Pointless Brand/anniecelric Linktree here. Art is commonly placed in sticker packs with other art I presume is stolen. Seen on Amazon and AliExpress. The real artist sells on Etsy, typically posters, clothing, and stickers.
Spriscillart/Stephanie Priscilla Art Etsy shop here, Twitter here. Typically art is slapped on stickers in packs, often with Pointless Brand's stuff. Stephanie sells a lot of items on Etsy.
Meyoco Linktree here. Definitely seen on AliExpress and Amazon, typically in a pack of her art bundled together as stickers. Meyoco sells prints, sticker packs, clothes, and other items across multiple shops. All can be found on the linktree, and all much higher quality items than the knockoffs.
Namu13/tree13 Linktree here. Commonly stolen and seen in AliExpress/Amazon sticker packs. I often see these pieces on notebooks and diaries too. This artist sells goods in multiple shops.
Aleksovana Store here. Stolen art frequently put in sticker packs and on notepads on AliExpress, often with a mix of other artists' works.
Britt's Third Eye Tarot Instagram. Tumblr. Buy deck here. Saw this initially on Amazon way too cheap for an indie tarot deck in way too many shops, then all over AliExpress and Etsy. The deck is actually a POD deck and sold via a custom playing card making service. I'm seeing fakes of both indie and "big" publisher decks like US Games & Llewellyn being made. A dead giveaway with these is having a QR code to download the LWB. Pretty much only fake decks do this. Decks from big publishers absolutely will never do this. Fakes will always have near paper thin stock as well, and boxes that don't match with the original releases. This decks fakes come in 2 versions, a "special edition" one with gold foil on the side that comes in a tin and a "normal" edition that comes in a tuckbox, both with no LWB, typically both editions costing around $17-20 on Amazon and Etsy and around $8-15 on AliExpress. The real deck is currently $50 if you have a single copy printed with a tuckbox design with no LWB (physical or digital). As it comes from a POD service, the cost is dependent on the number of copies printed. Full preview of the deck here.
The Spacious Tarot Buy deck here. Another deck with fakes on Amazon, Etsy, and AliExpress. The ones I've seen on Etsy even advertise themselves as "replications of the original". This deck started off as a Kickstarter deck and has 2 editions (explained here), the first deck having some printing errors that needed to be fixed. So hilariously, they're technically advertising their version should have the spelling errors and unfixed line art on it. Currently, only the 2nd edition is available for purchase, for obvious reasons. The fakes have a QR code to download the "guidebook". The real thing comes with its own guidebook. Again, if you see a QR code, RUN AWAY. It's almost guaranteed to be a fake! The fakes come in a tuckbox, the real deck have a very different and much sturdier box.
The Children of Litha Tarot Buy deck here or here. Yet another indie tarot deck that is frequently conterfeited. Most of these counterfeits are on Etsy, but there are some on AliExpress and Amazon too. Creator's price is slightly hiked on Etsy to compensate for Etsy fees. I would recommend buying directly from the creator. Fakes, like all these fake tarot decks, will come with a QR code to download a LWB. The real deck comes with a full color printed LWB inside the deck box. Some fakes come with a bag for this deck with a pentagram on it, because the real deck comes with a velvet bag with the symbol on the back of the deck embroidered on it. Clearly another tactic to trick the buyer. Another note, on top of the seller's price being cheaper on her website, she also offers decks marked down ~$10 for decks that came with dings and other minor manufacturing errors on the boxes (no errors on the actual card), and you still get the embroidered velvet bag+free sticker. There's images on the site of what the "worst" possible error could be, most boxes will be less dinged up. If you're tight on cash, you'd be better off saving up and getting the slightly damaged box over resorting to the fakes. Fakes will have terrible cardstock and terrible boxes. You're really not getting a deal at all when you buy these cheapos. Always get the real thing. They cost more for a reason. Good cardstock and quality printing are not cheap, especially when not mass manufactured!
Alice in Luna's Tarot Buy deck here. Amazon recommended me this deck at an insanely cheap price, around $13 or so. Even ten years ago, for a mass manufactured deck that would be a little too cheap. So, that already pinged off alarm bells for me. I did a quick search and discovered this deck is by Luna Factory and is a POD deck that normally costs +$50, which is pretty standard for POD decks currently. A little more searching, and I've found the cheap version of this at several Amazon stores. Luna Factory seems to specialize in cutesy, more Instagram-y decks with very superficial symbolism. Which makes these types of decks quite popular for making fakes to take some "aesthetic" photos/videos with. This brand seems more popular in Asian countries than in the West.
Dreaming Cat Tarot Buy deck here. Another deck by Luna Factory. I had a hunch the first store I encounted the knockoff Alice deck would have other fakes. I'm sure all the decks they sell are fakes, but right off the bat I was able to find three decks by Luna factory. This is another very cutesy deck, though I'd say look a bit more readable-looking to me. Probably would be good for a small child in addition to a proper LWB or tarot book. The price may seem steep, but this is a POD deck. LWBs in these tend to be not great in general, but Luna Factory's are particularly meh. But that has been my experience with LWBs from Asian decks in general (along with a lot of older decks having the laziest pips in existence, a trend that seems to be dying in Asian decks, thankfully). Just putting that info out there, if you were interested in gifting a newbie a deck like this.
Ideal Soulmale Tarot Buy deck here. Yes, that's not a typo. The name seems to be a play on soulmate and the fact that the deck features solely males. (Not men, mind you, as some of the figures in the deck are clearly children and most look like teenagers). LOL, this is not the Everyman Tarot Bear Edition or anything like that, if that's something you'd be interested in. This deck seems more aimed at teen girls wanting to self-insert into scenarios with pretty boys. This, combined with the cutesy artsy makes it another easy target for these kinds of fakes. With tarot, new age, paganism, and witchy stuff still being somewhat trendy and more overtly feminine focused than the last go around back in the 90s-early 00s (though that still leaned feminine back then, this current wave of it is ultra girly), I presume this trend will continue with these fakes. In my experience, a lot of fakes seem to fall into "overtly girly" or very "photogenic" and good for "Instagram". Xia Hunt's The Children of Litha is quite common to see in online tarot/pagan/witchy spaces, but typically only the "safe" cards, and not the ones with blood and guts, boobs out, or interestingly, most of the POC cards, LOL. You sure will see the Lovers a lot though. I presume a lot of these decks are being made as fakes nearly exclusively for influencers to buy and take pics/videos of, TBH, much like the cheap sticker packs all over AliExpress that I see everywhere in the bujos and techos of planner influencers. These cute decks are certainly not for me, but if you do like that, please actually buy from the creators. Never shop for tarot decks from AliExpress, and honestly at this point, not from Amazon either. Even if it's a US Games deck, just go to their official site instead. With Etsy, make sure the shop is the official store of the creator by verifying that link through one of their accounts. Etsy really is becoming just as bad as Amazon when it comes to having AliExpress garbage. I've also now seen these popping up on Temu.
Midnight City Tarot Buy deck here or on Etsy here. Found another tarot deck with fakes on the internet. Due to Etsy fees, Etsy price is higher than purchasing directly from the website. Fakes of these can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and AliExpress. Physical guidebook can be bought as a set or separately and should have full color art of all the cards. Decks bought without the physical booklet will come with a QR code. Normally, QR codes could be a hint you've got a fake on hands, but not here. Digital booklet that comes with the deck should still have the same text as text seen in the previews online for the book, sans the full color art. Deck comes in two sizes, a full size and a pocket edition. If you actually purchase the deck in either size, you should receive some NYC themed post cards in addition to the decks. Card stock on the real deck is similar to your standard poker deck. Card stock should not be super thin.
Mini Cat Tarot Buy deck on Etsy. Since Temu is now replacing AliExpress as a way to get cheap knockoffs, I had a hunch plenty of tarot decks would be there. This is one of many I was able to find a fake of on Temu. It goes without saying, you should absolutely never buy a tarot deck on fucking Temu. The Etsy shop also has several items themed around the deck aside from the deck itself. The deck, like Children of Litha and The Nameless One, will come with a certificate of authenticity as well.
Tarot of the Pagan Cats Buy this deck from Lo Scarabeo here. Fucking, really? Lo Scarabeo decks from 2010? We're making fakes of those?! I'm used to tons of RWS decks out there, for obvious reasons, but really? Anyway, this is a mass manufactured deck from a very common tarot deck seller. I can assure you any fake will be of lower quality, and while we may be in a bit of a spiritual fad time right now, it's important even with these kinds of decks that if you want one of them to actually support the makers of the decks due to the very niche market this sort of thing exists in. Another fake deck I encountered while doing a quick search through Temu just to see what bullshit might pop up there.
Seasons of the Witch Oracle Buy this deck from Rockpool Publishing here. Samhain edition found on Temu. This set of Oracle decks is themed around the seasons, so there exists ones for each season, with four oracle decks in total that can be used solo or combined together. This publisher may not be as well known as US Games or some of the other "big" deck making companies, but this is another mass manufactured deck. Again, please purchase from the real publisher. If you like tarot and oracle decks, it's important that these are supported through legitimate means and if you wish to pay less, please just buy a second hand deck rather than a fake, poorer quality one. You may even find someone out there willing to trade decks with you. Do not resort to crappy fakes. Another Temu fake.
Star Spinner Tarot Buy this deck from Chronicle Books here. Another mass manufactured deck that was relatively popular. Found this one on Temu. Obviously, if you could ever encounter a deck in an actual book store, metaphysical shop, occult store, or any kind of alternative lifestyle focused store and you're seeing it for 1/10 or less its normal asking price, you're going to be getting 1/10 or less quality and definitely a fake. More Temu shit.
Dark Wood Tarot Buy this deck here. A fucking Llywellyn deck?! You motherfuckers know goddamn better than that. Come on, now. If you're buying a deck published by Llywelyn off Temu, you know damn well you're buying a fake! You did it because you wanted to pay that cheap, cheap price with free shipping. Neither a deck collector nor someone legitimately into tarot for meditative or spiritual reasons would be doing this and not know what you were doing. This product existing on Temu is 100% for an influencer to buy cheaply for taking pics or making vids, nothing more. Don't bullshit me. You know what you were doing.
Everyday Witch Tarot Buy this deck here. Another Llywellyn deck. Seriously?! Llywellyn decks aren't exaclty outrageously priced. Hell, prices on mass manufactured decks have really not risen that much since I started buying my own decks when I was 10 in 2000! It's indie decks that tend to be pricey as hell, but I mean, that's for obvious reasons, of course! You don't really need more than one deck anyway. If price is such a big deal for you in regards to this, you can buy digital versions of many decks. Please do that over buying a fake deck. There's plenty of pocket and mini mass manufactured decks out there too that will be much cheaper than their full sized versions. You don't need a deck that you like the art of at $5. Another Temu "find".
Neon Moon Tarot Buy this deck here. Indie deck by Pixel Occult, who has made several other decks with pretty uncommon themes for tarot. Go, check them all out on the main site if darker decks are more your thing. The subpage for Neon Moon lets you see all the cards, has the LWB for free as a PDF online, and has a daily draw section too, so you can really get a feel for if you like this deck. For decks like this, absolutely do not sink to buying a fake. We're getting into niche within niche here. If you can't afford the deck yet, please save up and use the daily draw page in the mean time instead of buying a fake. You don't have to have everything right now, you know. Ugh, brought to you by Temu. Totally "ethical" company!
Mystical Manga Tarot Buy this deck here. Another Llywellyn fake of a deck I've personally had for quite some years now, well loved, trimmed, and painted, haha. You know you were on AT back in the day when...Anyway, seriously. Don't buy a fake of this. Easy to come by deck, easy to get second hand or find to trade with. Fuck Temu. Goes without saying the real version of this deck doesn't need a fucking QR code to get the guidebook. It should come with it.
Moon Witch Oracle & Tarot Buy either deck here. Seen on Temu listed as Moon Witch Tarot, but the listing was actually a fake of the Moon Witch Oracle! A two for one fake deal! A good reminder that these sellers who make fakes really don't even know much about what they're making fakes of, just that the thing is popular and there's a demand to have a super cheap version of it as most people don't give a shit about artists getting paid for their work anyway.
Blooming Cat Tarot Buy either deck here on Etsy. Another indie deck seen faked on Temu. There's also an oracle version of this deck as well. Witchy themes, cutesy decks, dark decks, and anime themed decks all seem to be common targets for which decks get hit with this. Hmm...wonder why...The Etsy shop also sells other things themed around the deck's art, if you like the art.
Weird Cat Tarot Buy either deck here on Etsy. Yet another indie Etsy deck I found on Temu. And like the Crystal Unicorn deck and the Children of Litha, you can see right away in the description even the creator is aware of how many fakes are going around! The listing mentions AliExpress and third party Shopify stores also making fakes. Please support the artist. Indie decks cost more because there aren't as many being made, and often times these decks are made with special finishes, trims, and higher quality paper as well. If you can't justify the price to yourself, you know, maybe you don't need it. Don't buy a fake.
Najuco Store here, homepage, Pixiv account, Insta account, and Twitter account. You can find packs of stickers on Aliexpress, Etsy, and Amazon made almost entirely of Najuco's artwork weirdly cropped. Najuco's works will come up under labels like "vaporwave", "synthwave", "retro anime", "lofi", and general searches like "anime/manga girls". As far as I can tell, Najuco does not sell stickers, but does a variety of other types of goods. Check the store for what's currently available and the Instagram account for an idea of past goods. Stickers in stolen art sticker packs are pretty often paired with Stephanie Priscilla or Pointless Brand's artwork.