This is a page dedicated to Newgrounds animations I remember. None of these are funny, you have been warned. Anything on this page is here because, for whatever reason, it stuck with me over time and I was able to find them again. I'll add to this page as I rediscover more.
Vegeta's Problem
I watch this at least once every single year. I don't know why this is so funny to me. To this day, I still quote Trunk's line, "Let me guess. Dad's constipated again." My wife has had the misfortune of hearing this many times at this point. I have a backup downloaded copy of this if Newgrounds or this video ever go down. Dumb DBZ nonsense will not disappear on my watch, especially if Trunks is in it! Trunks isn't even my favorite character. Gohan is, but I seem to collect up a lot of silly Trunks-related stuff for some reason.
DBZ in a Nutshell
While I was looking at old stuff, I came across it and wondered what it was. Upon playing it, I suddenly heard every line that was about to be spoken in my head, including ridiculous sound effects. I have no memories of watching this as a kid, but I must have watched it, probably hundreds of times if just hearing a couple of seconds of it makes me recall every single line in this perfectly. What the fuck. Anyway, for that reason alone, this goes on this page. I guess I would've been around 11 when this came out. Was I really looking at Newgrounds then? Haha. I've been online since 1997, so I suppose that's not that odd. This video really captures the hamster voice dumb humor you'd sometimes see in stuff way back when. I'd imagine this stuff was also only funny to like eleven year olds then too.
The Ultimate Showdown
A classic, right up there with Trogdor. I watched this so many times in high school. And yes, I still watch it from time to time now. Some time pieces caught in this: Chuck Norris jokes and Aaron Carter's brief pop career. The Chuck Norris jokes went on for years. Memes don't last like that anymore! Once, in either late middle school or early high school, one of my friends brought a fifteen page print out of Chuck Norris jokes. He read me all of them. ALL OF THEM. I don't know where he found them, but he got them off a website somewhere. None of them were funny, but Chuck Norris jokes never were. I always enjoyed Chuck Norris getting his ass beat in this, and I'll never forget that moment the first time I watched this when the winner was revealed. If this song was made today, I'd imagine it'd be overrun with a bunch of shonen anime and Marvel characters and make itself far more dated. Goku, who is obviously still popular to this day, is only a background cameo here. Anyway, I really do miss when memes lasted a long time. High school was filled with trying not to lose the game or get Rick Rolled. Are they even memes at all anymore if they only last like a week?
MK Outtakes
I don't actually find most of the outtakes in this funny, and didn't at the time. (Stryker's is especially WTF, but rape jokes were very mainstream back then, including in kids shows if they were prison rape jokes. Sitcoms airing in prime time would have them even, not just edgy comedians and loud 12 year olds on the internet.) The first time I saw this was on a website rather than Newgrounds, so I had no idea that's where it was originally from. My brother and his friend showed me the page and we went through all the different outtakes. Since I didn't know where it came from, I couldn't find it again years later when I remembered it and I couldn't remember anything but one of the outtakes involving Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Jax. While searching for stuff this go around, I happened across it and it's PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME. Another long dead, but long lasting meme. There's a lot of pop culture references in this that really date it. Like I said, I don't find most of these to be funny, but it was something I searched for and because there's so many characters, you can get more of the feel of what internet humor was like in that time period. Mostly unfunny and cringey, but you know, I don't think any time period's internet humor isn't like that anyway. Most of it is and has always been dumb.