Since I have several pages for font recs, I thought I'd start a page for graphics resource recs as well. Some free, most will be paid. I will not respond to requests for paid material to be given out for free, unless the resource ceases to exist online and then only for your private use. It goes without saying, you should've be using things that are no longer available to purchase a license for anything you make money on. I don't buy stuff like this as often as fonts, so this will be updated less often. I'll make a new page at 30 links.
Analog Film Textures Vol 1 Analog Film Textures Vol 2 Film Textures Shadow Overlays Coffee Stains Chalkboard Textures Snow Tetures Plastic Wrap Textures Halftone Dot Textures Acid Copy Effect Cactus Valley Mystical Forest Wild Forest Sable Vector Kit Vintage Leaks Ripped Paper Winter Forest Watercolor Moon Phases Textured Mask Collecton Zip Bag Textures Square Card with Plastic Bag Pricing Stickers Mockup Halloween Snow Overlays VHS Mockup Old TV Mockup Paper Texture Set