Below, you can find links to favorite fonts I have. Some of these are free, some are cheap, and some are "full price" fonts. I'll update this occasionally. Unless one of these is no longer available for download anywhere, no, you cannot have a copy of any of the pay fonts. Many of the pay ones are only $1. If any of these become completely unavailable, you can email me for a copy for personal use, not for reposting. I'll make a new page every 30 fonts.
Lofi Lifestyle Coffee for Breakfast Dream Showers Dreamland Ghost Tales Frightful Olipeach Nightnoise Poem Globe Ayrton Fonstyle Enigma Skinny Little Stars Mailhome Fake Nice Meowtalk Moviecal Gradechalky Indie Flower Architects Daughter Wilder Pilox Besom Imperfect Sunn Leira Skinny Bastard Melo